Benefits of slowing down in stress management and when working with traumatic stress

Introduction In the world of therapy, it is important for both therapists and clients to understand why we should take things slow. This article is all about recognizing the need to pump the brakes a bit and focus on building up inner strength. Especially when dealing with stress from trauma, it's crucial to slow down and tackle those tough symptoms step by step. I'll also share some practical ways we can slow things down in therapy, help ourselves stay grounded, and support clients in doing the same. The goal? To boost their ability to handle and work through the tricky symptoms that led them to seek therapy in the first place.

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The Powerful Connection between Body and Mind: Introduction to Somatic Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Meditation

IntroductionThe body, brain and mind are intricately connected, and understanding this relationship can greatly impact our overall well-being. In this article, I explore the valuable approaches of somatic psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation in promoting holistic health. These techniques, based on the work of renowned authors and practitioners, bridge the gap between body, brain and mind, offering practical exercises for personal experience.

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