“The body has been designed to renew itself through continuous self-correction. These same principles also apply to the healing of psyche, spirit, and soul.”

 Peter A. Levine, PhD

My Approach


As a therapist, Michael believes in the transformative power of human connections on our overall well-being. He recognizes that our relationships with others serve as the cornerstone of our physical and mental health. However, he also acknowledges that many of us struggle to find genuine ease and trust in these connections due to various life experiences, and perhaps have never been able to be fully at ease with other human beings.


In his practice, Michael sees his role as that of a facilitator, providing a safe and supportive space for clients to explore their obstacles and work towards overcoming them. He understands that each individual's journey is unique, and thus, tailors his approach to suit the specific needs and preferences of the client. Michael firmly believes that clients are the experts on their own lives, and his primary duty is to foster curiosity and offer insights to help them discover new possibilities and experiences.


For Michael, therapy is not merely about problem-solving but also about fostering self-awareness, personal growth and he believes it is important for us to connect with our bodies and tune into the signals they are giving us, treating them as a unique form of intelligence.

He views each client's journey as a unique voyage towards a happier and more fulfilling life. Through collaborative efforts and honest dialogue, Michael strives to create an environment where clients can flourish and realize their fullest potential.


"Michael works collaboratively with his client creating a space  to discover some answers, behaviours, healing habits or strategies which will improve the mental health of the person.  I have learned a lot from Michael about the connection our body has with our mind and how we can engage the help of our body to support us in our journey to feeling well."