"A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” 

Lao Tzu


How I work

In your therapy journey the goal is to create a safe and collaborative space to navigate life's challenges together. Imagine it as a training ground for self-discovery, where your effort directly influences your progress. It's like running a marathon, emphasizing the importance of persistence and resilience. Life is more like a marathon than a sprint, highlighting the value of taking small steps for long-term well-being.


What you invest in this process determines what you gain from it. Success comes from consistently taking small steps towards your goal, even when facing setbacks. Focus on the present and the next small step, as this helps improve well-being and boosts self-esteem for lasting positive change.


As a neuroscience and evolutionary biology-informed psychotherapist, my specialty lies in understanding how our brain and biology shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I use this knowledge to help individuals navigate and overcome challenges in their lives. In everyday terms, imagine your mind as a complex garden, and I am there to help you tend to it.


I am deeply passionate about the human experience and bring a unique blend of spirituality and science to this work. Picture your sessions as a collaborative exploration, where we blend the wisdom of spirituality with evidence-based trauma healing methods rooted in the knowledge of neuroscience.


"Michael works collaboratively with his client creating a space  to discover some answers, behaviours, healing habits or strategies which will improve the mental health of the person.  I have learned a lot from Michael about the connection our body has with our mind and how we can engage the help of our body to support us in our journey to feeling well."